Experts in the Ethical & Effective Treatment of Soft-Tissue Injuries Related to Automobile and Workplace Accidents in the Twin Cities.

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Every patient is different…a fact well-recognized by the doctors, therapists, and staff at Cultural Chiropractic in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We are experts and specialize in the ethical treatment of soft-tissue injuries related to automobile and workplace accidents in the Twin Cities. Research has proven that improper healing of soft-tissue injuries can lead to early arthritis and long term pain. The treatment you choose will make a difference in the success of your recovery. The clinic and treatment you choose does make a difference!

At Cultural Chiropractic we have advanced knowledge, training, and experience in treating symptoms related to automobile and workplace accidents. Our award-winning providers have more than two decades of experience treating auto and workplace accidents and injuries, starting patients on the road to recovery.

The aftermath of accidents and injuries can be stressful, impacting quality of life in many surprising and unexpected ways. Along with pain, possible time away from work, and inability to provide for or spend time with family and loved ones, comes mounds of complicated insurance paperwork.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Cultural Chiropractic can handle much of that stressful paperwork for you. The forms, information requests, exams, and more forms, required from the insurance company and employer - we will help you sort through these and make sure you know your health-care related rights!

At Cultural Chiropractic our experts know that muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other soft-tissues are the structures most likely damaged and in need of care following auto or workplace accidents. The need for accurate documentation of such injures is detailed and very important. Our well-trained providers and therapists take time to maintain detailed documentation daily.

Courteous, confident, and respectful at all times, we take pride in providing exceptional service to our patients. This is our top priority! Patient volume is intentionally limited for quality control and we maintain strict adherence to the highest industry standards. At Cultural Chiropractic, we provide care in which you can have confidence!