Staying Healthy

Maintaining Good Back Health

You can develop habits that promote and maintain good back health. Here are five suggestions as you go about your daily activities.

Don’t Slouch

Poor posture increases the risk of back injury. Slouching in your chair, driving hunched over and standing incorrectly causes misalignment of your spine and increases your risk for back injury. Keep your shoulders back and chest out.

Drink Lots of Water

Water keeps you fluid, rather than stiff. Drinking plenty of water enhances the height of your intervertebral discs, maintaining them as healthy shock absorbers.

Fit In Some Fitness

Exercise and activity keep muscles of the spine strong. The most important muscles to strengthen to avoid back pain are the abdominals. Include stretching in your fitness program to avoid stiffness. For the spine, being active helps one avoid compression and loading of the intervertebral disks. Activity also helps prevent postural abnormalities, such as anterior pelvic tilt.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is generally an excellent way to prevent all kinds of diseases and discomforts.

Sleep Well

Find a sleeping position that helps you avoid placing unnecessary strains on your back or neck. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleep on your side (pillow between legs) or back (pillow under knees). Use a supportive mattress.