Helping Neck & Back Pain at Work

Chiropractic care has a long and consistent history of helping people suffering from work-related low back and neck pain. Using methods like spinal manipulation – a hands-on approach used to adjust spinal structures and restore mobility – chiropractic care has been shown to get individuals back to work faster than other treatments, such as medical care or physical therapy.

Chiropractic aims to provide high-quality care that relieves immediate pain while retaining your function, thus decreasing lost time from work. Chiropractic care stresses the importance of remaining active during recovery, while patients receive quality therapeutics to speed recovery time and decrease pain. Patients are involved in shared decision making for alternative interventions as necessary.

In fact, research has shown chiropractic to not only be a more effective treatment approach while you’re suffering from low back pain but also long after. While roughly ten percent of patients with work-related low back pain overall experience a second episode of pain, those who choose chiropractic care and complete their treatment are less likely to miss work in the future.